Monday, October 11, 2010


It's not where you go, it's who you're with. Great 3 days of riding and camping. It's not often you can roll with a group of 10 cats and everything gel, but it did. Plenty of roadside issues with a few, but everything was sorted and we all made the trip. Matt & Dean have a good post about the trip as well. here : Dice Great time!


Coffee at Lake Lopez

JD King rocking it as usual. Check out his tunes on iTunes Long Gone, one of my favorites.

Playing a little gag on JD Kings chop. Fly like a seagull.

Rag tag road crew.

Some friends at the camp, along with a lot of damn turkeys.

Camp site bike lift.

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  1. hey caleb, nice rollin with you guys. i thought i`d be rollin by myself, you guys added to the trip. your beer stash was a savior with all those pull overs. i want to ride with you fellas again. ride safe, be peace, nash