Saturday, October 2, 2010

Georgia on my Mind

Part of my cross country trip took me to Palmetto Ga. My Uncle Jack has lived there since he was a little boy. I stayed with him and family for a few days before heading to Memphis.

I love Cali riding, but there is something special about Georgia roads in the fall. I put in some miles riding through the small southern towns.

Made a stop in Warner Springs for a beer and literally stumbled in to motorcycle heaven.

Random red horse in tree on the property outside.

I walked in to one building with its door open but no lights were on. I could see motorcycles everywhere, it was like a damn church. Really odd.

Every where I turned were motorcycles, old, restored, some not, but all placed neatly for people to see. No one was around.

I walked outside to another building where an older woman was sitting behind a desk. A sign above the door read " Museum, $5.00" I paid my 5 dollars and was in shock at what I saw.

Everywhere I turned was teens and twenties motorcycles, all complete, some restored, some original but everything was there. It was, to put it lightly, insane. These are only a small portion of the photos. I took 200+ pictures. I estimated there to be maybe 75-100 vintage, perfect motorcycles.

I inquired about this amazing place and I was introduced to the owner. Turns out he was a retired auctioneer of 40 years and needed a place to put all the stuff he collected. He wasn't a "motorcycle" guy, but he knew what he had. He didn't seem to be interested in selling. He was loading some bikes to take to a local carnival to advertise the museum. He asked me which bike he should take. I told him the HD racer above. I helped him load it up and just laughed the entire time. Super nice guy, yep, I took his number. I spent some time there and he showed me some of his other treasures after climbing over boxes and tons of other junk.

Big grin all the way back to Uncle Jacks house where I ate homemade greens, Brunswick stew and cornbread. The road is good to you, when your heart is open to it.


  1. Amazing ... Road trip next year?

  2. nice. 4 dudes in cali that actually ride!

  3. Ha Tony! Lot's of cats ride in Cali, they just don't blog about it. word.

  4. I love it man. Those road finds are the reason I ride. One more to put on my bucket list. Thanks