Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Day in GA

.. my cross country trip continued..

My brother Buck rolled in to town after hearing I was at my Uncle Jacks. I stayed an extra day to hang with him. His scoot was still in a barn in Florida getting rusty so we rolled 4 wheels to mess around Atlanta before I headed for Memphis the next day.

After wondering around downtown we hit up The Varsity for a couple slaw dogs. Man they IS good, but I felt like I had two giant bricks in my belly all afternoon. Sort of like Pinks in LA, but without the 3 hour line loaded with hipsters.

Buck recommended we check out Sweet Water Creek. This was a place my Dad took us as little kids. At that time it wasn't a state park. My Dad use to collect old letters and stamps. In particular, my father was fascinated with Ga. history. At one point in his research and trading of old letters, my Dad received a letter from the Civil War era addressed to New Manchester Manufacturing Company, a textile mill. Through reading the letter he deciphered the location of the Mill. The Mill was burned down by the North.
My brother Buck recalls walking down this trail in the woods and my Dad saying, " listen for the water." It was spooky as we walked down 1.5 mile trail. You start to hear the river flowing and as you get closer you start to see the Mill ruins through the trees.

Kind of felt like the old man was with us.

It was a good day.

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  1. Cool place. Been there a few times with my sons.