Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Like an old shoe

You know it, there is that sweet spot when those old shoes look like shit, but man do they feel good, they just wrap around your feet like another body part. The shop truck has reached the old shoe status. After many trips, TONS of miles, couple motor rebuilds, a few tires, and last Sunday's spill, the old gal is officially worn in. Not sure I'll ever let her go now. The only time she let me down is when I neglected her, that was only once. Sorry gal, it won't happen again.

The clutch basket with a nice gravel job from Sunday.

After a few minuets on the lathe.


  1. i know exactly what you mean mate...ive been trying to sell my 48 pan for a while now...i picked it up from sydney and the shop where it had been for sale the last couple of months....i tried to start it up there and she didnt want to go....i got her home in the back of the ute and thought id give it another go...she started up straight away....i rode her up the hill and back and made the decision right there that she wasnt going to get sold to anyone....love watching your blog...

  2. Except your shovel doesn't look like shit... can you stop still long enough for Matt to shoot it for the mag? Guy

  3. I'm about to do that to my clutch basket.... the lathe part that is... I already did the crash'n part

  4. Well, if I do sell it Jimmy, you got first dibs.