Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scully, British Road Dog

The bonds that are made on the road can be brief in their beginnings but create a lifetime of memories and kinship. Sometime we are lucky enough to meet people that inspire us in so many ways.

While on our way back to LA from SLO we make a gas stop. We are 10 bikes deep. You know how crews that big are at gas stops, takes forever. I look over my shoulder and notice a cat on a loaded touring bike riding solo. I yell at the crew " let this guy through so he can get on road " As he rolls by me I notice the British flag flying at the rear of his scoot. On queue, Matt and Dean walk over and start chatting.

photo lifted from JD King

Allen Scully was on the final leg of a trip from New York to LBC. He had no real plan, other than and end date. No hard set route, just meander across the country, ride 66 at some point etc. He had been on the road since Sept 1. Although he basically had ridden all over the world, this was his first time in the states touring. As soon as he said he was heading to LBC, we all invited him to ride with us with a stop over for some lunch.
After the crew split ways, me, JD, and Wil took Allen down the coast in to Culver City to a short visit at my shop for some coffee and a chat. I could have talked with him for hours. Wil then shows him the way down to LBC topping off his trip with some grub at Rascoes and a visit to Garage Company before getting on a plane at LAX.

We've already planned to meet him on his tour of the north west coast next year.

Allen exemplifies what "IT" is all about. When people talk about "getting IT" Allen should be the example. Doesn't matter what bike you are on, doesn't matter where you live, doesn't matter what kind of clothes your wear, doesn't matter how you look, its about 2wheels, the road and all that comes with it. At 72 Allen is still living the dream. I love this cat.

Thanks Allen, and good travels.


  1. yeah, what a classy dude... i really dug his carefree attitude & readiness to party.