Monday, November 1, 2010

Covered Bridges

My old man had a thing for covered bridges. Dad would take me and my brothers on long trips through dirt roads to some old covered bridge back in the woods somewhere. We would park the old truck and eat sandwiches and drink RC cola, run around the creeks looking for crawdads, and grasshoppers. Just generally enjoying these places. At a young age you don't entirely get the reasons behind these trips, but now I am so thankful my old man took the time to take us to these places.
To this day, other than a passion for history, I don't know what drew my Dad to these places, but the fondness and curiosity was passed on to me. Something about these old bridges gives me a warm feeling.
I took these pics a few years ago on a trip to Nevada City. This is the Bridgeport in Nevada County, one of the largest in the country.

Cool site with locations of covered bridges. HERE


  1. it`s cool to read other stuff than the re-cycled motorcycle photos over and over.... keep going... you ridin to the desert this weekend?

  2. Agreed. Yeah man, seen you in Slab!

  3. I grew up 2 miles from the bridgeport bridge, still live within 10. The chillest place to hang on a 100 degree day, swimming in the chilly yuba river. I did it, now my kids do, too. Pretty cool back in 1998 it was almost completely destroyed when flood waters got so high that debris was washed up against it! Lots of work restoring it. That Pleasant Valley road is still one of my favorite stretches when I take the long way to work! It was good to meet you at Gabe's back at the Philo.