Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miami Fla 1976: Chopper Rite of Passage (updated)

No doubt that this bike started it all for me. My brother's 1951 Pan, 10" over chop. I was only 10, but I thought this was the coolest thing on the planet, shit, I still do. I was there when it was pulled out of a truck in pieces, I was there when it rolled down the street for the first time.

My older brothers were, and are, my heroes. They inspired me, or messed me up, depending on how you look at it, in so many ways. I could not wait till I was old enough to ride so I could ride along side my bros! We were working class folks growing up, a chopper, or anything with two wheels was HUGE for us. This was a big day for my bro, you can see it on his face. Best picture ever!

a note from my brother about the bike

I remember I bought the pan for $1000 with a cracked frame and bent front end. The dude ran it into a wall. Used to have to pull over and tighten the front axle nut every once in a while. Used to watch the axle nut "walk" off as I rolled down da road. The Gas tank came from JC Whitney...............Bought a two into 1 collector type of exhaust from Paughco. She sounded sooooooooooooooo sweet when I cranked her up. Like your red scoot back at moms! Good memories Brudda


  1. That is a pretty amazing pic.

  2. Agreed... great photo to pass down through the family.