Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rolling to the Riot

Saturday morning I rode solo to Temecula where I met up with Gilby and his crew. We rode 78 down through Borrego Springs in to the Niland and Slab City for the Slab City Riot 2. Great weather, great people, great time. Trust me, partying and camping at Slab City is not for the faint of heart. Dirt, retired toothless locals, trust fund hipsters pissing mom and dad off, naked grandmas, scorpion handling meth addicts, 200+ bikers, free beer, live music and you have a party.

This was easily the most ridiculous, coolest, sillyness, I have ever seen. Kevin, who rode out with us took home 500 bones of cold hard cash! Epic. watch here The Cocktogon

The folks from Biltwell did an outstanding job as usual. Putting together an event like this is no easy task. Bill, Magoo and the crew should be commended for sticking their necks out and making shit happen. As we all know, things like this don't happen because there is money to be made.

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