Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Lookn Back

The phrase for 2010 has been " I can't complain." For me personally it's been an amazing year, but those personal moments are mine and mine alone. Some things are not for the internet. I try to keep this blog about 2 wheels and other creative nonsense. That being said, I am always amazed by the people I've met, the stories we've shared and the time spent.
For all you who spent time here, shared your comments, emails, buy a shirt, thank you for a great 2010 and the support. I wish everyone of you and your families and happy healthy 2011.

May the road be clear, the sun at your back and your gas tank full.

Jan. 010
The Shop Truck

After several thousand miles all over Cali, Sturgis etc. The Shop Truck gets cleaned up, carries my ass many miles on some amazing rides.
Narrowed big twin springers

In June of 09 we narrow a big twin for the BS1 project. I'm not the first to do it, but up until that time it was a rarely seen mod on a bike. We posted our results, they found there way on message boards and soon the chatter of narrowed big twins makes its way to a hand full of bikes in 2010. Trend setters? No, coincidence ? Maybe. Collective influential, osmosis? Maybe. Cool? Hell yeah!
To spite other examples surfacing of this rare mod, narrowing a big twin is still not a common thing to do, because it aint easy. I am proud of our results and even more proud if the solid performance results on the BS1 and soon my Pan and 66 Shovel. And for the record, if the idea influenced others to do the same or not, it makes no difference to me, I think it is super cool either way. I stole the idea from someone else, added my own twist and so on. I've since spoken to others about how they went about doing it and I stole some ideas from them as well. It's all good stuff!

Feb. 10
Alex O'Loughlin's Sporty

Although we finshed this build for the Hollywood heart throb months earlier, the bike was officially finished off with a paint job and metal finishing in Feb. This was the first sportster I've ever messed with, and while I was apprehensive, this simple little chop is a beast on the road.

By now, most know Alex from the remake of Hawaii 5-0. He's an Aussie, so when I heard he may be the cat saying "Book em Dano" I told him he better make us Americans proud.
Alex was probably the best client you can have. He knew what he wanted, but allowed me room to throw some "Cro" things in there. He's an avid 2 wheeler and not a fly by night hipster. Loves riding, and man did he put this bike through the ringer. He rides the piss out of it. To spite the Hollywood gig, he is a stand up dude, works hard, loves bikes and life. It was a pleasure building the bike and making a new friend, and shit, he made a movie with J Lo!! I visited him on set one day, and yes, she his hot!

Poppn JD's Shovelhead Cherry

In partial trade for work on the BS1, I pulled together a parts bike out my shop for JD. It was an 84 shovel once owned by a norcal MC cat. He told me to give it a good home and I did. JD built a cool runner and did lots of miles in 2010.

March 010

Owens Family Daytona Archives

My older brother and biggest chopper influence, Chuck ( Big Nasty ) Owens, finally scans some of his old shots of the glory days.

BS1 Taking Shape

April 010

Tim taking some nice photo's.

Blog Secrets Revealed

No shortage of the hipsters lack of effort in originality in the blogoshpere.

Shaved Rockers

I'll probably never do this again.

RIP Mankiller

May 010

Only a little bit Billy

Gilby up and at em!

Many great rides!

One of my best pals, Kiyo enjoying a Malibu ride

June 010

June was a big month, several shows, many rides, some cool press. June in SoCal, can't beat it.
Wil's HoodRat in Hot Bike

Walter needs a Kick Start


Born Free. More panheads in one location anywhere in the US. BF3, should be epic.

July 010

The BS1 debuts in Venice

A long ,challenging project comes to an end. A great time sharing the stories with friends.

LA Calender Show
Low turnout but good time and beautiful day.

Shinya diggn the BS1

Rolling Solo

August 010

Another amazing summer month. Rides, friends, shows, can't ask for a better summer.

Best Birthday Ever!

Napa Ride to Philo

Amazing time!

BS1 Stirs things up at The Quail

Sept 2010

Life changing month! The knot is tied, and I make a great cross country trip. Spend time with family, the road, reflecting on life and love. Amazing.

Oct 010

SLO Weekend

Some of the best riding and camping all year. Great crew, great time.

Skully, 72 years young road dog. Doing miles from NYC to LBC. Rad dude!

More shots from the road.

Con does Brooklands on the BS1

Nov. 010

SCR2 ruled!

Chopper Rite of Passage

Dec. 010

Sunny Mann

Pan in the home stretch

LA X-mas Eve

Happy Long 2011


  1. Yes mate, what a great year. So glad to have shared a lot of time and miles on the road with you bruv, and you're right, the best birthday ever. Indeed the best of times. Lets do it all again in 2011.
    Matt XOXO

  2. looks like it was a good year for you mate....nice post.