Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A while back I started to play with the idea of posting info on drummers that have influenced me over the years. I balked after thinking about committing to weekly thing again. I got to much shit to do. HA, So, I will try to post at least once a month on players that have not only inspired me, but are major musical influences that you may have never heard of, unless you are a drummer.

So, first up. Dennis Chambers:

I became aware of Dennis when I first heard John Scofield's Pick Hits Live record, recorded in Tokyo Japan. Blew me away. I wanted to burn my kit and sticks after hearing that record. I wanted to find out all I could about this insane cat. Turns out, I heard him before, but never knew it. Dennis started out with P-Funk at age 18 or so! Laying down fat grooves. He is a self taught player with a raw power and talent rarely scene in drummers of this style. Chambers is from the spirit of Billy Cobham but took power to an entire new dimension. Modern R&B players and some rockers like Carter Buford from Dave Mathew's sight Chambers as a major influence. He tends to get a little weird in his solos, but us geek drummers love it. He recently toured with Santana among other things.

Here is a neat video of Dennis explaining James Browns FatBack groove.

With Niacin, not my favorite project of his, but a nifty solo here.

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