Friday, January 21, 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres, with the Devil

EDR #1 Cold, Rainy, Windy, HUGE pot holes, one hell of a time. The others are good, but you can never beat the first one. Life changer. I recall rolling down in to mexi-cali and just welling up inside, amazing.

San Felipe EDR #1 Super chill, margaritas, fires, zero drama. I carried only a change of clothes, a tooth brush, tiny sleeping bag, mexican blanket and tools. I slept on the ground by the fire, what little sleep I got anyway.

EDR #2 With Conrad and Jack. Three Cro Customs' rides, new friends, perfect weather.

EDR #3 Josh "Kid" Kurpius and myself heading north. Micheal Lichter photo.

Me and JD, photo by Fredo

With Josh and Matt, EDR#3 Three more Cro Customs' rides.

For me personally as a rider and builder these rides just topped it all off. Over those 3 years I built 7 bikes that made that trip without a hitch and they carried their riders to amazing places, met amazing people and had once in a life time experiences. That beats a custom bike show anytime!

Can't wait till 4. EDR