Monday, March 7, 2011

Get on the Good Foot

1999 or so with James Brown. Yeah, the real deal, no card board cut out. I'm not much of a star fucker, but it's MR BROWN! Spent 4 days in Agusta Ga. working on a project with James Brown and his band. The rest of the crew were snapping pictures left and right, I didn't bring a personal camera. A guy I was working with said, "Dude, take a picture with him." I'm like, nah, it's cool. Finally, my buddy had this little disposable camera and said, "I have one pic left man, get in there and let me snap a pic". 
This was the last day of filming and I had already got to know Mr. Brown and some of his band pretty well, so after dinner I went up to him and said " Mr. Brown, if I don't get a picture with you, my woman is gonna kick my ass!" "Oh damn son, I can relate to that, get over here."

Major highlight of my career.


  1. awsome shit right here .......

  2. wow
    the original
    my all time #1

  3. mr please please himself.
    im with T. he invented the funk.
    he had the soul but needed more. went to africa and came back with the cold sweat.
    i was told he used to ride a knucklehead stroker in a motorshop frame with buchanans and apes around atlanta in the seventies, late at night off his tits on loveboat.
    but i might be lying.