Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspirational Reciprocity

I am always flattered that anyone even likes what I do and more so humbled that they may find inspiration in my work. It's a good feeling. What's beautiful is when the work they create inspires me as well as others. So very cool.

This fantastic  image was attached to this mail. Made my day! Thank you so much Jason!


Hello, my name is Jason Potts. I'm an artist here in Seattle. I used some photos of your bike for reference on a piece I did for a local club. I thought I'd send ya an Image to have, seeing how I used YOUR art to make mine. I've been calling her "PAN-elopy". I used a '54 Triumph tank also, because the tank rack flowed nice with the background. The image is different from the club version so don't sweat any use of this. I also wanted to tell you that I really dig your style and execution. your bikes are phenomenal!!

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