Sunday, April 17, 2011

Killing Hippys

Myself and JD loaded up a couple of trucks with bikes and goodies and headed deep east Friday. Holy hell, LA traffic on a friday afternoon is almost as bad as Miami/Hialeah traffic during Calle Ocho. To spite some road trouble we made it out Friday night and partied like cats from Riverside. Saturday was hot, but beautiful. I had the Pan, JD had his chop and we enjoyed the day.
Micheal and Kim
I didn't shoot a lot of pics, but this little Honda Kutty put together is sweet.
Doing the booth thing. The Pan covered in dust. It's not easy sitting in a booth all day looking at your bike and wishing you were on it, on the road. God bless the dudes that do all these shows.
Dan Collins' sweet little knuck. Some really neat little details on this bike.
 JD plural
How sweet is this? I took home the Dice pick for the Pan. Super cool. Best trophy ever!

***  Big thank you to Kutty and the gang for putting themselves out there and doing the show. Glad to be part of it in some small way. A HUGE thank you and massive respect to Lisa Ballard for being the Momma Queen and First A.D. of the show. It's a TON of work and I wouldn't want to do it. Cheers to Lisa.


  1. that first pic has some shady characters in it...

  2. congrats Caleb! that bike, your bikes well get it! the I got it-food poisening from 'Chris' Burgers' dont ever go there.
    Nice job-

  3. I need to hang out with you'ins more often!