Monday, June 6, 2011

1st Place Club's Choice

Sunday Wil rolled over my place and we headed out to meet Matt, Gilby and Grant to do a little Sunday riding. We ended up at The H.A.'s annual swap meet show. As we rolled in to park, a club member quickly informed us to put the bikes in the show, he wasn't asking. So we obliged.
 Free to get in with the bike entry, 3 dollar beers, not to bad. We ran in to Dan and his lovely lady. We had a good time.
After about an hour we were ready to do some riding. As I put my vest on, another club member came over and said " You can't leave yet". Ah, ok. Later I understood why. 1st place Club Pick! That wouldn't have been good to roll out on that award.
After seeing that trophy sitting there and knowing where it came from, it's pretty fucking cool. The cat's that pretty much started it all gave my bike a major vote of approval. Very cool. Strapped the trophy to the sissy bar, rode over Malibu Canyon, had a drink and grub at sunset on the beach. Can't beat that.