Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Born Free III Perspective

What can be said that hasn't or wont be said about BF3? My command, or lack there of, of the English language would not do the show justice. So, instead of offering up more dribble I decided  to steal from someone else that is always thrilling others with his acumen. Harold from Biltwell/ChopCult I think put it best.

IMHO, Grant, Mike Davis and Co. captured the spirit and camaraderie of hippy-style bike shows and bro downs better than any team of event promotors in this biz. BF3 continues to entertain and amaze attendees w/ more and better machines, people and venues year after year. What the BF crew are doing is the kind of stuff that attracted me to the custom motorcycle scene in the first place. Entrepreneurs, local promotors and chopper-media mavens can all benefit from following the BF play book:

* offer great value

* respect your audience
* tighten and simplify everything possible
* communicate clearly and often

events like BF3 are NOT easy endeavors, and executing them as flawlessly and successfully as last Saturday's soirée takes brains and brawn. The BF crew deserve high praise for their commitment to today's scene, and it's heartwarming to see them get it on this humble SocNet.

Thanks for considering CC your ally, (edited here)  Cro Customs / Flying Monkey Fab are pleased and proud to offer our continued support.

The only thing I will add is this. If you went to the show and you didn't feel the bond and positive energy of a thriving community of people, then you were really missing something. It really was beautiful. I feel very lucky to be a small part of it. Life is good!

Friday night at Cro Customs and JD's Flying Monkey Fabrications BF3 headquarters. More on FMF soon.
 So many amazing bikes.

 JDizzle and The Electric Watermelon!

GUS was tired, burnt out. A couple red bulls and smokes later, he was good!

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