Friday, July 1, 2011

Smokey Joe

My friend Jeff just turned the big Five O and did a life changing ride cross country solo. I just love hearing these stories. Puts a big grin on my face. 
Thanks Jeff!
OK I have a story from the trip.  Jeff Grigsby who owns Indian Motor Works in Durango, has been a true brother to me for many years.  He has a beautiful place in the rockies and I have gone there over the years for all kinds of reasons and no reasons at all.
Once upon a time he had a 1939 Indian 4 that he called Smoky Joe.  It was all original down to the paint.  He rode it a lot and people used to give him the "Do you know how much that is worth?...Why do you ride it?...  In response to that comment and several drinks, he pulled out his knife and scrawled Smoky Joe into the original paint, letting everyone know that the true value of the bike was the riding of it.  This was 25 years ago or so.
Fast forward to last week.  I am at Grigsby's and the subject of Smoky Joe comes up.  I told him that I always loved what he did with the knife in the paint.  When it came time to leave, he rode with me up the Million Dollar Hwy as far as Ouray.  We parked to take a walk and say good-bye and all that.  As we were headed back to the bikes, I went in to a place for a piss and he kept going.  When I came out, he was "naming" my bike Smoky Joe 2.
The pics say it all.

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