Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cro's Road Tips

Ever ride in that dry heat that feels like a damn blow dryer in your face? You have? Here is a quick fix to make that ride a little more enjoyable. Take your favorite brand of bottled water, pull out your favorite knife, leatherman or what have you, poke several small holes in the cap, small, not to big. strap the bottle on the front of your bars via bungy, with the top of the bottle slightly facing down. Now ride. As the water drips from the cap while the air flows over the bars it will give you a refreshing mist of water on your face. So nice! For a little extra boost, lean forward and give the bottle a nice squish. A small bottle with properly punctured holes should last you a good 80-100 miles, depending on your mph of course.


  1. Cro, stoked we are on the same page. Being that we seem to hit the plus 100 degree heat on every ride destined for California, we usually resort to ice bags. A properly placed/punctured ice bag should last a full tank of gas. Great tip.