Saturday, August 13, 2011

Selling Blue Collar

Selling hip is one of the most baffling social psychological  phenoms of our time. The image is the American worker of the 40s-60s etc. sold at a price tag that generation, and the current "working" generation can never afford. It all just makes me a little uncomfortable. Hip shit be damned.


  1. That's the naked truth!!

    I'll share it on my blog!


  2. working clothes for working men, once you work in a hedge fund. In the U.K they are that price in pounds, yes switch dollars for pounds....they increase about 40%. it is insane....whats even more insane is that you can get the real thing around the corner in a second hand store for $20 and people still buy that stuff. rant over.

  3. American Rag is ridiculously expensive! let me know what you are looking for and i'll find you something at the 2nd hand store!!

  4. haha.. hey Cindy. Wasn't shopping at AR, just wandered in to the store. I actually found a ton of stuff at a thrift store the same day.


  5. that is the most legit sentence I have seen in a while