Monday, August 29, 2011

Uncle Sam Shakedown

While most folks were waking up early for the LBC swap, I was riding solo shaking down the 66. No better way to shake down a bike than blast up to Pismo from L.A.

This wasn't a leisurely trip, it was more business. I needed to test this scoot out, so I blasted mostly hwy till the 154 in Santa Barbara. The 405 to the 101 was lane splitting till Ventura, then the hellish section of the 101 that can rattle your fillings lose.
I figured I could get at least 75 miles on the tank, but I decided to see if I could do 80 miles, so I pushed it, no extra gas can with me. Like I said, this was a road test. Sure enough I ran out of fuel just south of the 154. Pushed the scoot up the exit ramp, no gas stations in sight. Two old surfer cats in a pick up stopped and gave me a lift about a mile up the road to the gas station. It would have been a killer pushing the bike that far, mostly up hill and scorching hot. Props to the old surfer cats!

Made it to Pismo no problems. Magnus approves.  
Spent the rest of the day with family tooling around the area.


  1. i`m in on the next ride.......

  2. nice bike Caleb. Also, the lil ones name is great- "Magnus" so strong.