Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coast to Coast

I'm an east coast transplant to SoCal. Some may not consider Miami, east coast, but it sure aint the west coast. That's right , I'm not one of those chosen few to have a Cali hot rod pedigree or a trust fund that includes a garage full of motorcycles. It seems that us east coasters tend to wear that "blue collar, I worked hard for all my shit!" on our sleeves. We tend to take it personal when "hipsters" dress the part but would never understand what it means to really work for a living.

While I've adapted nicely to Cali, and I consider this my home, that east coast "thing" never goes away. So, it makes sense that I've bonded with so many east coast brothers. Brett is one of those cats.

I've walked in his shoes and we shared stories about life, women, motorcycles, women, did I mention women? It's real easy to come to Cali and get totally jaded and bitter, and many do. It takes a strong character and integrity to stay true to ones self and bypass the negative shit and enjoy life. Brett is that kind of cat. We miss you here on the left coast, but the road is always open.

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