Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ed's Grill

I'm back in LA and regrouping from an amazing Sept. From fly fishing in the Snake River, to riding choppers in Brooklyn to shedding the skins in Eden. What an amazing trip. Rode the blue ridge mountains through Pennsylvanian to North Carolina, even the one day of rain and fog was fantastic. Bonded with friends and made some new ones. The 66 chopper is my new love. All is right with the world.
One of the many beautiful things about being on the road are the places you stumble in to and the people you meet. I am pretty sure the Civil War was about who has the best BBQ, Carolina or Texas? Well, on this trip, the best BBQ hands down was in Waynesboro Va. at Ed's Grill. This tiny 800 sq ft. honky tonk bar is as local as it gets, situated not far off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Cindy, the bar back, made us all feel like we were long lost family. They cooked North Carolina BBQ that melted in your mouth. The hush puppies were the absolutely best I've ever had. After many, many beers and a full belly, Cindy pointed us to a nice camp sight down the road and even let me and Jimmy in on a fishing spot the next morning. Good stuff!     pic by Rensh 23bricks


  1. Caleb, glad you made it back. Sounds like your trip is to be filed in the epic folder. Nice to meet you in NYC. Here's to the future. Cheers.