Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Born Free 4

Here we go! Some months back I was asked by Mike Davis if I would be interested in building another bike for the BF4 builder invite section of the show. Hell yes! The guys have officially announced the line up, and what a line up it is! Very humbled to be on that roster, outstanding talent and some good solid people to boot.

Born Free 4 Builders Invite

Last year I was honored to be invited and even more so staggered that Siksika took home first! I have no aspirations of "defending my crown" I am just so amped to be part of the show and really looking forward to seeing the other bikes and learning a thing or two, and of course having a great time!

Thanks Mike and Grant! I guess I need to get started now! 


  1. Big Twin Flathead Big Twin Flathead Big Twin Flathead Big Twin Flathead Big Twin Flathead...just sayin.

  2. Always been a huge fan of your work, can't wait to see what you create!