Sunday, November 20, 2011


Micheal has been spending the last few weeks in and out of my shop trying to get his 69 running. The bike was a good score, but a big unknown, as it had been sitting for 10+ years. Most everything was there on the bike and just needed a few things to bolt up before trying to kick it over. After a little of this, a little of that, Mike rewired the bike, we fixed a frozen rocker arm, re-fitted a snug oil pump breather, mocked up some pipes and Sat finally got it running. Sounded good for about 3 min.

 Didn't even get hot and just sounded like the motor seazed. Bummer. I said, before we do anything lets just make sure it isn't something other than the motor. We pulled the primary and turned the motor over by hand. Hmmm. Tranny rolled over, no problem, in gear as well. Weird.
Put the compensator back on and no go! WTF? Somehow the compensator was binding, and I am still not sure why. So, I took a hub space I had laying around and machined it down to make a make shift compensator, bolted it on and BLAM! Mike hit it first kick.
 First time I've ever run in to this little weirdness.
 Drink to that!


  1. good times, my man...
    couldn't have done this without you!

  2. Good frends are hard to come by ...mike your a lucky guy..