Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Year It's Easy Rider

To be honest, I never really liked the movie Easy Riders. I recall watching it at a real young age and being freaked out by the LSD grave yard scene. It seemed to go on forever. "Can't they just get back to the motorcycles?" Honestly, that's all I ever really liked about the movie, the riding shots. As you get older you appreciate some of the acting scenes, but for the most part it was about the riding to me. With that in mind, I've never been one to collect those iconic pictures of the two on the choppers giving the bird and all that. I love them, but I'm not into having my shop look like everyone else's. Plus, it seems like a kind of rule, " Dude, where is the Easy Riders poster? What? You don't have one?" 

Now I do.
I like it because it isn't the typical one, and it is also similar to a Leach print I have. This is an original 1969 poster I just picked up. Smoking deal.

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