Monday, December 12, 2011

J to the Dizzle

Many mango seasons ago, 2004 or so, I ran in to this dude while doing some visual effects work. He had a dirty chopper built out of a Honda Rebel. Sold him a springer, he turned an axle for me, I hounded him for a while about building bikes, but he was to busy flying kites, building art cars for burning man or something. Fast forward a few years and a Dice party bring us back together. He just finished his 2 or 3 year long radical ironhead chop with said springer ( now heavily chopped ).  "Hey, want to ride to Mexico?" I asked.  "Sure." he said. Later I asked "Hey want to help build a couple bikes?" Sure.  A few years later and a few bikes later, Flying Monkey Fabrication is plugging away.

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