Monday, December 12, 2011

Mann Perspective

The Dave Mann show has become sort or a ritualistic last hurray to the year. A group of us gather in the wee hours and ride whatever hand made machine we have, up the coast to Ventura for the day. The Mann show is always interesting and there always seems to be a few bikes to talk about. This day, I left my camera at home and just tried to enjoy the day with out documenting it. The ride was amazing of course, the ride home was better at sunset. I took two phone pics and here they are.
one of my favorite bikes at the show.

This is a 30" wheel, with an iPad as a headlight, YES and iPad. I really wanted to talk to this cat and find out how much that wheel cost, but I couldn't bring my self to do it.

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  1. "From the sublime to the rediculous" right there with those 2 bikes...