Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Shirts!

New apparel to bring in the new year!

Our crack team of artist here at the Cro Customs secret lab in beautiful down town Culver City, worked tirelessly in the wee hours to turn out this masterpiece. This understated, subtlety nuanced, yet aggressive design, is sure to have the Silver Lake hipsters burning their vintage Abba shirts. Fred Seagull  begged us to have them in thier store, but I would not allow them to sell it for $299.99. Instead, it goes to you for the price of lunch at Swingers, $18.00!!  Get em in the TRADING POST.

Cro Customs Motorcycles Handmade in the USA

Yes, that's right, we got some for the ladies too!  Indigo blue V necks with vintage, classic, MoCo orange. I called Mr. Davidson himself for the exact orange that was used all those years ago. Rumor has it, this orange was the last of it, so you get a piece of history.
Soon to be the rage in Hollywood.  BUY NOW
Bra optional

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