Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Long

Siksika has gone to a good home where the new owner is already planning his vision quests. I spent some deep, intimate, quality time with  her and I am thankful. My last ride was thundering down the 10 freeway towards the ocean as the sun was winking it's deep golden rays at me. It all seemed very fitting. 

2011 was a good year. I'll miss her. She's left her mark and there are plenty more journeys in her spirit. 

So long.


  1. I hate to be redundent,just the preetiest pan I've seen,must have been very hard to give up somthing you worked so hard on, and you can see the love that went into her,but I guess when its time to move on,you just move on!

  2. super clean bike. awesome detail and stance. I hope it didnt go to japan!!!!

  3. Sweetest scoot I never saw in person!! But You know why it had to go! Ah means to an end Brudder, Ah means to an end!
    The end result will be worth it and much more! Luvs ya, Boosk