Saturday, January 28, 2012


When I was a wee lad, my pops would put Spike Jones on the 78 record players. Spike totally changed my musical tastes, direction, sensibilities, among other things. The comic element was of course the draw at first, but then when you listen and learn, there is a lot of serious musical talent going on. There isn't much of a leap from Spike, to Cage, to Zappa. 


  1. Fantastic Cro, my mum is eighty seven and Spike was one of her faves, and, just like your pops, she used to play it for me, back then, as a five, six and seven year old, I didn't fully realise how cool it was, but now, everytime I'm listening to Miles, Dexter, Beefheart or even the Buttholes, I'm super thankful she geve me the opportunity. Love your line on the easy leap to Zappa et al . . how true, great post man, mum loved it !!!!

  2. Agreed, the Spike Jones and Stan Freberg records my folks had were the gateway drug that shaped my tastes when I was a kid. I still listen to Spike in the garage from time to time...great stuff.