Friday, February 17, 2012

Cro, Jay

photo by Cindy FSK

Cro : "Jay, you see that dude behind me? He's saying something about rubbing your chin."
Jay:   "Huh?"
Cro: "Yeah, he's a chinster!"
Jay:  "WTF?"
Cro:  "Yeah, these cat's get off on chins man, and you got the most famous chin in the world bro! This     cat is about to blow!"
Jay:   "Blow?! Blow what?" You better stay there and act like you're my best friend."
Cro:   " Dude! Fuck that!! I never get in the way of a chinster and a chin! Later dog! Oh, btw, in the future wear dark sun glasses and a chin strap! Love your car collection. PEACE! "


  1. LOL. I almost spit my fucking coffee out!

  2. I'm sure it's Jay's chin casting the shadow across your chest mate . . . . freaky scene man, rrrrr.