Monday, February 6, 2012


One of the many things I love about life around two wheels are the people and the moments that are forever burned in your mind. The bell curve of the vintage bike trend is high now, and thats good, but it will one day flatten out again. and even dip as the trend humpers move on, but for those who truly love 2 wheels, they will never go without an old bike in their garage. That bike will be a reminder of the moments in their life that matter.
 Among the sea of  the "blog olympics" these days, it's easy to roll your eyes, but you may be missing something. Sure, some things may seem watered down, but trust me, there were and are many "moments" that matter and stick with you. If you're a hater, man you are really missing things.
                                                                 photo lifted from Troy
A few things stuck with me this past weekend that made me say. "All is right with the world." Seeing Michael smiling from ear to ear about finally having his scoot on the road and laying down miles.
At the Love show, I sat back and watched Jeremiah with his family surrounding him with love, help and support in the midst of mayhem. THAT, is the shit that matters man! The bikes are cool, but that kind of love and support is a perspective way beyond a cool bike. Very proud I was able to see that.

Finally, I got to ride with my friend Kiyo. This dude rarely gets time off and he took his two days off to meet me at my shop at 6am then ride to Az with us. He's a good soul and I was so happy to see him ride the piss out of his knuck, laugh out loud and have a great time. Even on top of everything, he was still lending a hand, it just comes natural to him. I think at some point he kicked over every ones bike, including sharing a little cold start trick with my mag. 


  1. Very well put, glad you had aphat time.

  2. Wish I could have been there! You nailed it big time!

  3. Wish I could have ridden with you...