Thursday, February 23, 2012

Munchkin Land, CC Style

A few weeks ago I got a call from Jordan at the Horse Magazine. "Hey man, love the shovel can you send some pics for the mag?" Only if Michael shoots it, I say. "Hell yes!" So, rolling with the Culver City Style theme, thanks to Renshaw ( WWNWW), Mikey and I rolled over to down town CC and made some noise. The pics are fucking insane! Mikey is a sick mutha! Doing hole shots in front of the Culver Hotel was sweet! I was thinking of those Munchkins the entire time.

 Coming to the Horse next month!

When the 1939 classic "The Wizard of Oz" was being filmed at M-G-M Studios, one hundred and twenty four midgets (who played the "Munchkins" in the film) converged on Culver City, and most of them stayed at the old Culver City Hotel, just a few blocks away from the famous studio. At the time, the six-story hotel was the city's only "skyscraper."

According to some of the not-so-tall tales, many of the 124 adult midgets got drunk, sang choruses of "Ding Dong, The Bitch Is Dead," and almost wrecked the hotel. Despite a promise of high wages once filming of "The Wizard of Oz" was completed, rumors spread that the tiny cast members might not be paid at all. So, when M-G-M suddenly announced that the Singer Midgets would also play the roles of the Wicked Witch's "flying monkeys," many of the little people concluded that they were being duped and went on strike against the studio. Among other alleged Munchkin antics in Culver City: a female midget propositioned a stagehand, a male little person bit an M-G-M policeman on the leg, and another one supposedly fell into a toilet at M-G-M and had to be rescued.

But those tales of drunken debauchery (spread in large part by an adult Judy Garland - who had a drinking problem of her own) are strongly refuted by some modern-day "Oz" experts and the surviving Munchkins themselves, who insist that although the little people had a few parties, the stories are greatly exaggerated. They say they worked 14-hour days and had little time for mischief.


  1. Now that's what I call a serious historical, or should that be hysterical, insight, unreal ! Wee people are yet another prime example of a minority group being stiffed by the system. Great post Cro !!

  2. awesome. i want to check out that hotel!

  3. Great story, CRO. thanks for supporting the plight of little people