Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yang Yang, BF4 Build

Growing up in Miami in the 80's was a interesting time to say the least. We'd refer to the local Cuban coke dealers as bruthays, roll the r. There was that period when the Trans Am was the hot car to have, at least if you were selling or running drugs in Miami or chasing the local coke whores.  When I saw those cars I always thought of Smokey and the Bandit.

My brother owned a Trans Am, 5 speed with T-tops, Black and Gold, for a while. One day the local "bruthay" saw my bros new ride and commented, thick hispanic, Miami Cuban accent, (Think Tony Montana mixed with a bad Godfather): " Hey mang, I like ju Drangs Zam!" That day forward my brothers and I would mangle the "Drangs Zam" till it was just "Yang Yang".

Yang Yang
 Why does this have anything to do with my BF4 build? Well, when I saw those AMF mags I thought Yang Yang right away. So I'm rolling with the 80's inspired vibe with the Cro Customs Culver City twist.
Yes, the foundation of this bike is my Shop Truck! I've had the shop truck going on 5 years and when Mike Davis invited me to do another build for BF4, my first thought was, I'm not doing a 60s chopper.
Got the frame welded up and dropped the motor, wheels and front end on it. Cut some paper to get an idea where I'm going. I can smell the Cafe con Leche! YANG YANG!!


  1. Hey mang, I ees jos saiyin hello tu jur leedle fren . . hees lookin yayo bruthay. Jos got jur tee and steeckers een the mail, verry, verry yang yang mang, tank ju mang, bewdiful. Good lock wid de build. 'WhitelinePsycho' . . . how ees dat for a yang yang yayo name mang . . ha !!

  2. What ever you throw down will be bitchin...keep on keepin on Mang..!!

  3. it's all mags and 1982 for me right now, including the randy travis version.