Friday, March 9, 2012


Burning the candle at both ends as they say. I generally work at my own pace on builds. Having a hard deadline is not easy. Really hard to compromise on something because time is a real issue. But, the creative process is organic and where there is a compromise one may find a new idea.
I always intended to mount the tank in the front using the original fat bob mounts. The original idea was to hide the mount. But, the final top shape of the tank wasn't as domed as I'd hoped. 
So, the choice was to re-do the entire top part of the tank, couple days of set back, or figure out a different way to mount it. In part a compromise, but also an opportunity to make a nice accent piece.
So, heat on the mount, bent it forward till it was just in front of the sheet metal. Later I'll build a nicely shaped part at the crown of the tank that will mount to the frame. And so it goes, Ying and Yang Yang.
Thanks for the pics Matt G.

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  1. So cool watching this come together for you, spontaneous, organic design, can't beat it when shit goes sideways, if you get caught up in rock solid plans, when something goes awry you've got nowhere to go, stay 'loose' mang, get the ying and the yang !!!