Friday, May 11, 2012

6 Over: Coming Soon!

The word is, editing is in the final stages and an announcement will be made very soon. Very excited about being part of the film. It's about the love of 2 wheels.

Some words I wrote for the insert.

Young and impressionable creates a big open door for influence. What is behind that curious nature can set the tone for a lifetime. Most young men that are enticed by motorcycles are initially drawn to it for very similar reasons. Cool, tough guy stuff. We want to be like that guy in the movie, or the outlaw we saw flying down the highway without a care in the world, or so we dream. There are countless obstacles that can get in the way of a young boy's dreams. Making that dream come true, then embracing it for entirely different reasons, is what separates the dreamers from the living.

Freedom is a word often thrown around describing the feeling of riding a motorcycle. It's an easy word to use and in some respects it is true, but for me it doesn't even begin to describe the life experience motorcycles have brought to me. Freedom only comes when you honestly make a choice. That sounds simple, but if you are honest with yourself then it can get a little complicated. We are all victims of conformity, like it or not. In some shape or the other we conform. Freedom comes when we realize how we may conform and when we make a choice not to, or we discover a bigger meaning to it all. That is freedom.

My dream and then conformity was my brothers. At the age of 10 or so I saw them riding and working on old motorcycles. I thought is was the cool of cool. I wanted to be like my older brothers. It would be 10+ years before I could begin to think about that again. We all get older and our perspectives change, life happens, but there was something still there in the back of my mind and heart about motorcycles. My brothers had planted a seed and I didn't entirely understand what was motivating me in the beginning. I just wanted to be like them, I just wanted to ride a motorcycle along side my brothers.

After building my first bike, my brother Chuck and I tooled on it in the final stages and got it running together in my Mom's garage. When the bike fired for the first time, I was overcome with emotion. My brother stood up and embraced me and said " I love you." Standing there embracing my brother, both in tears, I realized what this was all about for me. The motorcycle was merely, and literally a vehicle to a bigger truth. It was an instant, from that little kid " This is so cool" to "wow, my life just instantly change".  Riding along side of them just cemented it all.

Some may say it could have been anything other than a bike, but I disagree. The process of building the bike was a journey that involved, self reflection, bonding with others, learning, problem solving, pain, frustration, elation. In other words, every possible emotion and human struggle was experienced. That moment of the bike starting for the first time was the epiphany of human experience that created a bond with family, and a bond with motorcycles that can never be broken.

It's not just a motorcycle, it can be a vehicle to profound things.


  1. Beautiful stuff mate, 'soul' comes in many forms.

  2. There are moments in everyones life that they will never forget and they will recollect those specific events in minute detail. That day at Moms when we fired that suka up is one of those events I will never forget. You explained it better than I ever could..........Loves Ya Man! Will see ya soon.