Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Rock, 1969

Just in case you weren't aware something heavy was going on besides choppers. HERE The fight goes on.

During the period the occupiers were on Alcatraz Island, President Nixon returned Blue Lake and 48.000 acres of land to the Taos Indians. Occupied lands near Davis California would become home to a Native American university. The occupation of Bureau of Indian Affairs offices in Washington, D.C. would lead to the hiring of Native American's to work in the federal agency that had such a great effect on their lives.


  1. I have quite vivid memories of the news footage of the day as a kid, in cahoots with Brando's Oscars 'statement'. Seems it [the handover] was one of very few worthwhile achievements of the entire Nixon administration. Tragically, my own country is still way behind in how it addresses issues regarding our own indigenous population and the deplorable treatment they've recieved. Great post.