Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Spirit

There are so many good people that I've had the joy of meeting and getting to know over the last few years or so. Michael Barragan of Evil Spirit is one those cats. Michael has a consistent energy and passion about motorcycles that is inspiring and hard to keep up with. Last year while at the Brooklyn Invitational, Michael said to me as we were loading the bikes.

" You know what this means right?" 'No, what?". I said. "You have to build a better bike than this one next year." he replied. "Fuck YOU!!" I retorted. Laughingly of course. It was pressure that stayed with me all year. That statement alone was probably the catalyst of why I built a completely different style bike this year. Mike pushed me, and I am forever grateful for that.
Michael and I have spoken at length about the process, life, family and everything in between. Every time we speak I manage to always walk away with a bit more spark and a push to get better.
Michael's Born Free build was an outstanding example of his work ethic and expression of his influences and talent. He spoke about "finding himself" in the bike, and I think he clearly did. I know what he means.
Really proud moment with these two cats. Jasin Phares on my right, and Michael on my left.


  1. Congrats Caleb... and the other guys. Heroes of mine, all of you.

  2. As above . . . inspirational spirits for everyone.

  3. Excellent perspective. It's awesome to get inspired by your peers. You are BOTH outstanding at what you do.. and you both inspire ME!