Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zen of Rosemary

Brad and his lovely lady Shana were in town for Born Free and brought along Rosemary. An outstanding 50 panhead in as close to 100% original condition you can get. Watching them ride on the LA freeways was so awesome. Such a great motorcycle.
They did some miles up the northern cali coast. What better way to ride the coast than on this beauty.

Brad settling it to the SoCal vibe while wrenching on the scoot. Thanks for bringing Rosemary down Brad. Great time hanging and riding.
Schmidt took this great shot of the bike at BF4.


  1. great couple, and I love that bike!!!

  2. Hey everyone we made it home today....what a great crew you guys have out there! Felt like we were in the family. Thanks SO much to everyone we met and rode around those crazy LA freeways with - bobb and weave! Seriously, we could not of had a better time! More later..need sleep now...drove straight.... through from ...Rapid Cit....y....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz