Saturday, November 24, 2012

Alex O'loughlin Get's Yang'd

The final trip to Yang Yang's new home was via the Pacific. I flew to Hawaii to meet Yang on arrival and take deliver to it's new owner. My trip was a whirlwind. I arrived on a Tuesday night, checked in the hotel, passed out. Wednesday morning Alex picked me up and we rolled over to the ship yard to get Yang. After some photo ops with locals we trucked the crated bike to Alex's home and unwrapped her. I went through Yang one last time, took one last ride before passing the beast over to Alex.
The timing was perfect, Alex had a day off from his crazy schedule, so I had time to go through the bike with him, have some lunch and catch up a bit. I also new this was his only day off in a while so I wanted to get what I needed done and get out of his hair so he could enjoy time with his family and his new boy.
Late in the afternoon we said our goodbyes. I had a big pina colada and took a dip in the ocean. It was all very fitting. Alex is beyond stoked with the bike and rode it to work the very next day.
I didn't set out to build this bike for Alex, but it all seemed meant to be, as cheesy as that is.  Guys that build know that building a bike for someone and or selling a custom build to someone can be a very personal thing. 9 times out of 10, the customers become friends, as it should be I guess. I was proud to see the bike go to such good hands and know it will be taken care of and more importantly ridden!


  1. Glad it's found a deserving home, he should be a super stoked fella, new bub, new scoot, giddy up !!

  2. Yes Alex does have a busy schedule new son to look after he has a teenage son also his girlfriend has a 3 and a half year old son also 16 hour days on the set and himself to look after. Man this guy can't stop! His bike looks awesome love it! Love the pic of his dog Dusty also

  3. bikes radd...hes stoked...your stoked..keep bangin em brother ...respect

  4. Thank you, the bike looks awesome!!!!

  5. great job on the bike man!!! it looks AWESOME & when to someone even greater, i know you built his previous bike too suck a great thing you do brah!!
    Alex is totally worth the best pieces in the world :D