Saturday, December 1, 2012

By now people know I went down on wednesday. I was riding in heavy traffic in an area I try to avoid. It was one those out of no where things. Never saw the car till the last second. I was standing almost still and started to roll through the intersection. I'm convinced the guy was passing someone or speeding. But who knows. Fortunately the front of my bike took most of the impact. My right leg broke in two places below the knee and I got a nasty cut on my left leg. It could have been a lot worse. Not a spec of road rash. My bike is a little tweaked but nothing that can't be fixed. It will be a slow recovery but I'm not gonna let it slow me down.

The outpouring of good will messages and support has been overwhelming. I am very blessed with some many good people in my life. If I didn't respond directly to you it's because I was loaded up on drugs and just trying focus on getting well.

Thank you so much to everyone. I'm still here and I ain't going anywhere.
Keep on keepn on.

If you have orders with me, no that I will work hard to get them filled.

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Location:Down but not out


  1. Sorry to hear this. Glad you are ok. Get better!

  2. Just heard about this. Crappy thing to happen. Heal quick and get back on the road. all the best from England ride free.


  3. Glad your are ok, heal up fast, ml&r

  4. Total bummer Cro, as you said, coulda been so much worse, mend fast, keep the spirits up and hang in there.

  5. Sorry to hear man; godspeed in your recovery.

  6. dear caleb, what news! Ill hope you will get well soon! sending all the good vibes over the ocean for a speedy recovery! I had a terrible accident last year with my harley. a cardriver didnt watch me and I hitted into the car. what an impact. thanx god I´m recoverd and I can ride again.
    So I hope for you! keep on posting!
    the german support!

  7. Take care Caleb
    Hope drugs are good ....

  8. WWNWW UK wishing you a speedy recovery bud.

  9. Hey! Little Brotha! I got sumthin for ya fer Christmas!!! Its to help ya in "NOT" getting that "Ol" Biker Limp" on that broke right leg! Your too young for dat Shit, Monkey Boy!

    Luvs Ya Boosk! I dont need to tell ya to hold them two girls tight!! Glad your still here to see the new year comin!

  10. That's no kind of excuse?
    Where the hell is the sticker I ordered on your website yesterday???
    I'm going to take out a PayPal dispute.
    WWNWW my ass.
    Dean x

  11. Hang in there and get well soon.....and put a hit on the other guy.